Business Strategy

As a strategic business advisor, EDC works alongside its clients to help them develop their business strategies and implement, maintain and sustain their critical business systems. EDC provides a wide-range of strategic services, including Program Management, Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio Management, Business Case and Requirements Analysis, Business Process Engineering, Information Assurance and Security strategies. We have deep expertise in these areas and have provided these services to a wide range of clients throughout the Department of Defense, the civilian Federal agencies and the commercial sector. EDC’s experienced consultants combine extensive management experience and proven methodologies to help with our clients’ most difficult strategic challenges. We work with our clients to assess their specific needs and provide practical yet innovative strategies that support the organization's objectives and enable them to achieve sustainable success, while managing risk. We provide actionable strategy recommendations based on comprehensive industry research tailored to specific challenges in the Federal market.

Our expertise

DoD and civilian Federal agencies routinely depend upon Program Management Offices (PMO) to deliver a wide variety of support services for various program initiatives. EDC Consulting has the internal resources and core competencies in place for planning, implementing and operating PMOs for a wide variety of requirements.  EDC has the ability to rapidly establish and staff a PMO or deliver support services to existing PMO operations. EDC has a fundamental understanding of military and Federal programs, and extensive knowledge and experience providing strategic PMO support to include the integration of data from programmatic, engineering, test and evaluation sources and configuration and data management functions.

Whether in support of a business system implementation or simply to refine existing business processes, EDC Consulting supports its clients through the BPR cycle from identifying the process to a thorough analysis. EDC works with its clients to develop cost-reduction strategies by reengineering existing business processes for maximize efficiency and identify new technologies to meet the needs of the beneficiaries. Our BPR services focus on lean six sigma best practices coupled with organizational realignment and change management.

Successful projects and systems depend upon effective requirements gathering, analysis, and documentation. EDC Consulting works collaboratively with its clients to define, analyze, document, and maintain their requirements in support of business systems implementations. Leveraging our own business experience and technical expertise, we effectively interpret requirements in the context of each client’s business and develop clear, high-quality and user-friendly documentation and deliverables.  EDC is devoted to “hands-on” requirements analysis and places a strong emphasis on open communication and collaboration throughout the process. We work to engage and ask for input from key project stakeholders and strive to facilitate honest and open communication in order to set clearer goals and smoother paths to success.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) concerns have escalated as organizations strive to gain visibility into their risk profile while threats and Federal regulatory complexity continue to grow. A strong risk management and governance program ensures that your information is secure, compliant with regulations, and meets business requirements. EDC Consulting brings insight into where key risks lie—whether they are operational, privacy, information, application, IT, or security-related—and helps its clients build a strategy for sound governance, risk management, and compliance. EDC offers program strategy and assessments, program development and optimization, Security assessments for SAP and Oracle systems and third party GRC system implementations. EDC’s GRC Advisory Services enable its clients to formulate and implement solid SAP or Oracle systems security to facilitate an optimal enterprise environment.

EDC Consulting provides Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services in the form of two valued offerings. We provide IV&V services from the traditional IEEE 1012 standard methodology across all phases of the software development life cycle.  We also provide IV&V services based on our own structured approach that can provide our clients with an independent, focused analysis of an SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft or other business system in development.  Both methodologies are performed with the appropriate level of rigor and detail and can cover reviews of everything from system architecture to source code.  EDC performs IV&V by having senior experienced staff, using industry standards and best practices, to evaluate products and processes against system requirements. EDC provides its clients with visibility into the quality and progress of the development effort that is continuous and comprehensive, not just at major review milestones. EDC provides its clients the decision criteria needed for whether to proceed to the next development phase.

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